San Francisco 

concept & idea 

When customers need it. Skip the dealership. 
Many car shoppers don't like the dealership process, whether it's negotiating with a salesperson, waiting for financing, or spending hours test-driving various vehicles. So can you complete the entire car-buying process without visiting a dealer? We have the answer.

Audi Concierge mobile APP
The concierge tool learns about your vehicle needs and preferences than do the legwork by cross-referencing databases in the dealer network. That includes searching dealership inventories, haggling, and negotiating extended warranty contracts. Once you have configured the car of your choice, Audi concierges will have the car delivered to your home or office so you can sign the sales contract.

On the dealer side, all dealers will be equipped with the Concierge iPad APP. They will be able to track all inputs from customers and follow up with them should they have questions or need any other help. 

my role

My task was to partner with the User Experience Architect to develop all the flows for the Concierge app and then set the art direction for the app and work on the interface design. 




Product Design


Visual Design